Yessen & Company is a consulting firm that brings value through data analysis and visualization. We believe that Business Intelligence is the driver for growth.

We can help you to understand which products you have to put your focus on. You will know how to better care about your customers. We can show how to precisely set the markup by SKUs. You will have demand planning to avoid out-of-stock and overstock.

Detailed sales dashboards will show you your key growth driver, you will know everything about your sales and compare it vs. budget. Cohort analysis will show all information about your customers.


We believe that caring is the main thing in working with clients. Delving into operational processes is what we live by.


Employment is not always an indicator of hard work

We work on the fact and do the work as early as possible. The main goal of our team is to solve the client's problem and meet his needs. In addition, we also want to be useful and become the reason for the success of our customers.

Our team is an association of enthusiasts who you can rely on. Each member of the team is an expert in their field that you can rely on.

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For all questions, write to the mail esenov7@gmail.com